Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today was Stressful!

A few weeks ago I applied to this fellowship program in Maryland. They called me back a week later and set up a phone interview with me last Friday. Then they call me back TODAY and tell me that they want me to come in for an in person interview NEXT WEEK! My mind went into panic mode. I live all the way in Texas, so getting to MD with such short notice is no hop & skip. I really had to think about this one. I did not really want to drop a huge amount of money on a plane ticket with such short notice, but I also did not want to miss such a wonderful opportunity. Nevertheless I called on the man up above and received my answer. My ticket has been booked and now I will be headed to MD next weekend. So excited!!! I have been envisioning myself becoming apart of this amazing fellowship program for so long. I have prayed numerous times for God to make this fellowship become a reality. Well I can see that process beginning, but I know that he is not just going to hand it to me without a sacrifice. So what if I have to fork over a couple of hundred dollars, if it leads to me doing what I love to do then it is definitely worth it in my eyes.


Adwoa said...

Good luck on that!

and I know God will not fail you =)

Precious Jewel said...

Thanks Girl!